LD Carlson Acid Blend
LD Carlson Acid Blend 2oz
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Acid Blend

LD Carlson
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Acid blend is a mixture of three different acids commonly used in winemaking: tartaric, malic, and citric acids. It is often added to wine to adjust the acidity levels, which is a critical factor in the winemaking process.

During the winemaking process, grapes naturally contain varying levels of acidity depending on the grape variety, climate, and growing conditions. However, if the acidity level is too low, the wine may taste flat and lack balance. On the other hand, if the acidity is too high, the wine can taste sharp or sour.

Acid blend is used to balance the acidity levels in wine, usually during the fermentation process. Winemakers will measure the pH level of the wine and add acid blend accordingly to reach the desired acidity level. The amount of acid blend used will depend on the initial acidity level of the grapes, the style of wine being produced, and the winemaker's preference.