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LD Carlson Amylase Enzyme 1oz
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Amylase Enzyme

LD Carlson
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Amylase enzyme is a type of enzyme that can be used in winemaking to help break down starches and sugars in the grapes, making them more available for fermentation. This can lead to a higher yield of alcohol and a more complete fermentation process.

When grapes are crushed, the juice is typically high in sugar but low in nutrients. By adding amylase enzyme to the must (the juice and skins of the grapes), the starches and sugars that are trapped in the grape solids can be broken down and made more available for the yeast to consume during fermentation.

The addition of amylase enzyme can also help improve the mouthfeel and texture of the wine. This is because the breakdown of starches and sugars can release complex carbohydrates that can contribute to a fuller, more rounded mouthfeel.

To use amylase enzyme in winemaking, it is typically added to the must prior to fermentation. The amount of enzyme that should be added depends on the starting sugar levels of the grapes and the desired final alcohol content.

1/2 teaspoon per 5 gallon